BIT Scholarship in China 2022 | Chinese Government Scholarship

Applications are open for the BIT scholarship in China that will take place in 2022.

The University of Beijing offers scholarships for foreign students to come live and study at its campus in China. The University provides dorms, meal tickets, and even tuition refunds.

Beijing Institute of Technology is a world-class institute that provides students with an exceptional education and a one-of-a-kind experience by providing top-ranked and established faculty and staff.

BIT Scholarship in China

The CSC scholarship 2022 is a ray of sunshine for international students to move forward, confidently, and excel!

China is making strides towards global development. The country offers scholarships to bright, outstanding students all across the world, seeking to foster international development at both local and national levels, despite cultural or religious differences.

The main goal of the BIT Scholarship in China is to establish a global community of young minds who are eager to make this world a better place and will be committed to its development.

The BIT Scholarship Program provides opportunities to students who wish to further their higher education and improve their skills and techniques, which make them stand out amongst the ever-growing crowd of people looking for jobs in this industry.

A global marketplace lets you provide a platform to work with different kinds of minds, learn about different cultures and develop professional experience regardless of your geographical location.

The Beijing Institute also serves to train students in how best to maintain discipline and dedication to work while adhering to the values of the Chinese culture.

International students who would like to study abroad, but cannot afford it because of their finances, will benefit from this BIT Scholarship in China. 

China offers international scholarships that fund students; one of them is Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship 2022.

Details about the BIT Scholarship in China

  • Life Science
  • Management and Economics
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Information and Electronics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Education
  • Aerospace, Chemistry and Chemical, Mechanical, Mechatronics Engineering
  • Computer and Technology
  • Automation
  • Design and Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Law

Deadline is April 15, 2022

Country: China

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Deadline: April 15, 2022

Benefits :

  • CSC scholarship will cover full tuition fees.
  • The scholarship will also cover accommodation.
  • Free medical insurance.
  • Candidates will also receive a monthly stipend of CNY 3,000 for the master’s program and CNY 3,500 for the doctoral program.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • All candidates must be non-Chinese Citizens.
  • Candidates must abide by all Chinese Laws and Regulations.
  • Candidates applying for the master’s program must be under 35 years and have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates applying for the Doctoral Program must be under 40 years and have a master’s degree.
  • Candidates must be in good health.
  • A minimum level 5 in HSK is required to enroll in Chinese-specific programs.
  • A minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or 80 in TOEFL is required to enroll in English teaching programs.
  • Candidates must have a one-year of relevant experience if they are applying for MBA.

Other details :

  • CSC Application form
  • Detailed CV/Resume
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • Personal Statement
  • Recommendation from BIT Advisors
  • Physical examination evidence
  • Language Proficiency Report
  • Non-criminal record evidence
  • Letter of financial guarantee
  • Passport Photocopy with the Chinese Visa page
  • Certifies copy of diploma/transcript

Application Process:

  • After the interview, candidates will be registered in the academic review.
  • Pre-admitted students will receive a pre-admission notice.
  • Applicants must cover the pre-paid tuition fee.
  • Applicants must sign the commitment form for the BIT scholarship.
  • The application process is online.
  • Candidates must select Type B and the agency number is 10007.
  • Then pay the application fee of CNY 600.
  • Candidates must pass the material review and then have to give an interview (time and method will be informed to the candidates beforehand).