Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2022 in Belgium | Fully Funded

The students at Ghent University in Belgium have the opportunity to apply for Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2022 if they’re interested in pursuing their academic careers abroad. It is a platform that helps people to be successful in their research careers, especially those who are researchers from developing countries. The Ghent University scholarship program attracts intelligent and capable students from all over the world to Belgium.

 The university offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience by becoming a vital part of a diverse community of scholars. Their contributions are therefore recognized and rewarded, which encourages them to contribute more the next time around. The program gives candidates the opportunity to enhance their professional skills by helping them conduct different kinds of research under the guidance of some top-notch researchers. Moreover, this fully-funded international scholarship program helps the students to perform the research in the north for the first 24 months, they will have to conduct research in the South.

The international Ph.D. scholarships 2022 provide ambitious students the chance to start a career and make a difference around the world. Climate change, water shortages, and pollution may be worldwide issues but they are still very important. With its research community.

Ghent University is eager to develop solutions by educating people for free to help us overcome the enormous global challenges that are predicted to plague society in the decades ahead. Ghent is a lively and energetic place to learn about environment and food technology, molecular biotechnology, and many other subjects. With this mission, the campus tends to promote the horizon of individuals belonging to these disciplines.

The fully-funded scholarship abroad will provide students with an ideal environment categorized as a category that encourages independent thinking and encourages high research exploration. Further, a thought-provoking climate is provided where the researchers and scholars are invited to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions or business plans.

The Ghent University is one of the best international universities in Europe which can be found at the heart of the continent. The top leading university is known as a place to connect with those from other countries. The institute’s research priorities are designed to address the global challenges of the world, with a focus on sustainable development and strengthening humanitarian action.

The fully-funded scholarship in Europe will enable its worldwide students to study its curriculum and take advantage of its location. Using the existing resources and acquiring new skills and aptitudes, this program supports advanced education, research, and teaching methodologies. Moreover, it works in a cooperative environment with the purpose of knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

In other words, policy-making for this organization should be inclusive to all staff members and should be tailored towards finding a practical solution that adds value to each staff member.

The Ghent University Campus, which is sponsoring the doctoral scholarship, is accredited by the following bodies:  the Ministry of Education (Korea) and the Organization of Belgium and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the Chinese Ministry of Education keeps the Campus in its list of authorized foreign educational institutions.

Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2022:

Host Country:

  • Belgium

Degree Program:

  • Doctoral Degree Program

Ghent University Scholarship Duration:

  • 24 months

Host University:

  • Ghent University

Benefits of the Ghent University Scholarship program 2022:

  • The scholarship promoter will receive a monthly grant in the amount of €310.
  • EUR 8000 will be awarded. Operational costs and traveling costs for Ghent University promoters, local promoters, and students will be included in that amount.

Eligibility Criteria of the Ghent University Doctoral Scholarship 2022:

  • A joint proposal must be submitted by a candidate, a Ghent university promoter, and a South university promoter.
  • Candidates must belong to a developing country.
  • Research topics should be development-specific.
  • Female students are preferred for the scholarship.
  • Candidates wishing to pursue a joint PhD degree at Ghent University are encouraged.

How to Apply for the Ghent University Scholarship in Belgium?

  • Provide all your detailed personal information, e.g., name, address, date of birth, country, etc.
  • The applicants have to apply online.
  • Complete all the required fields for each level.
  • Complete your application carefully.
  • Application forms should be sent to through

Documents Required:

  • Advice on the ethical and biosafety aspect of the research project that is to be proposed
  • Advice on the candidate, which declares the supervisor’s opinion regarding the candidate’s capability as a future researcher.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Ghent University Doctoral Scholarship Program in Belgium is February 01, 2022.