Hokkaido University Scholarships 2022 – MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship

The Hokkaido University Scholarships is offering scholarships to international students for the period of January—March 2022. The scholarship offers to fund both master’s and doctoral-level students alike who are looking to pursue their studies in Japan.

Studying abroad has long since been a dream for many, but it’s no longer an unattainable goal because there are scholarships now available to help pay for the expense of attending school in Japan.

Hokkaido University Scholarships

In the QS World University rankings, Hokkaido University is ranked 122nd in the world. In Japan, it ranks 5th behind Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, The University of Tokyo, and Hokkaido University.

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Hokkaido University is open to accepting applicants from all undergraduate degree programs. There’s no standard or required TOEFL score or IELTS grade but remember, an English proficiency exam is highly recommended if you feel your English skills are not up to par with all of the other applicants.

The duration of the Hokkaido University scholarship is two years for a master’s program and three years for a doctorate program.

Some scholarships for students might not be offered every year. In addition, the government of Japan sends a recommendation for a scholarship from the Japanese embassy or consulate in a student’s home country.

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Here are some more details about the Hokkaido University Scholarships

  • Applied physics
  • Material science and Engineering
  • Mechanical and Space Engineering
  • Human Mechanical System and Design
  • Energy and Environmental System
  • Quantum Science and Engineering
  • Field Engineering for the Environment
  • Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
  • Architectural and Structural Design
  • Human-Environment System
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sustainable Resources Engineering

Benefits :

  • Application fee exemption
  • Exemption of tuition fee
  • No admission fee
  • Airfare travel ticket will be provided for arrival as well as for a return to the home country.
  • Undergraduate students will receive ¥117,000/month, November to March ¥120,000/month.
  • Research students will receive ¥143,000/month; from November to March, the stipend is different ¥146,000/month.
  • Master’s students will receive ¥144,000/month, while from November to March, ¥147,000/month.
  • Doctorate students will receive ¥145,000 per month; from November to March it will be ¥148,000 monthly.
  • The amount of stipend for summer and winter is different as cold region allowance is added in winter.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Applicants must show proof to have a country with a good diplomatic relation with Japan.
  • English proficiency certificate or test scores.
  • Applicants must be highly motivated to study abroad and pursue research.
  • The applicants must show academic excellence.
  • The applicant shall hold a bachelor’s degree to be eligible to apply for Hokkaido university scholarships for the master’s program.
  • And for PhD program applicant must hold a master’s degree.
  • The applicants must be born after April 1986.
  • Students who reside in Japan are not eligible to apply for Hokkaido university scholarships.

Required Documents:

  • Application form (complete)
  • Official Academic transcripts
  • Motivation letter
  • Abstract of graduation thesis and other publications
  • Research plan
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Passport (photocopy)
  • Recommendation letter
  • Graduation certificate

Application Process:

Application deadline is different for every country.

  • The application process for each way is different for MEXT Japanese government scholarship.
  • Follow the link for more information about the Hokkaido University scholarships. Make sure to apply for the scholarship before the deadline ends. Deadline vary country to country.