IU Germany Largest Scholarships 2022 | Fully Funded

IU International University of Applied Science in IU Germany Largest Scholarships university, providing 75,000 students with a wide scope of courses and quality activities. With over 200 degrees and 350 various training options crafted by the university’s dedicated professors and trainers, there aren’t a lot of educational institutions offering this amount of opportunities to students around the globe!

IU Germany Largest Scholarships

If you are keen to study abroad, you will find a course that suits your tastes whether you choose a campus environment or a virtual learning environment.

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The IU Germany Largest Scholarships is looking for ambitious learners who want to study abroad in Europe and who want to also soak up the history, culture, and climate that comes with learning outside of their homeland. 

Education should be accessible to students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, personal situation, or previous income level. We aim to serve as many people as we can and thus offer attendance to anyone whose education was cut short for any reason.

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We’re proud to offer a completely free scholarship process for all applicants! Simply fill out the form and you’ll be automatically considered for one of our many exciting scholarship opportunities.

IU has already provided over 50 million euros in scholarship funds to students around the world, from Europe to Asia and South America.

IU Germany Largest Scholarships

IU can be a great source of financial relief for you, in fact, they will cover your entire degree at one time! It’s not necessary to apply every year either, in fact, they provide scholarships for their online studies options.

What can IU do for you? 

The most popular university in Germany, IU allows you to have a flexible schedule for your online options. Our online options allow you to balance work and study by having flexible learning times, adaptable exams, and access to online forums where you can discuss your studies with other German students.

With our on-campus options, you get the chance to get more involved in our business community. So upon graduating, get ready to kickstart your career in the heart of Europe!

By choosing an on-campus option, you would have the opportunity to live in Germany in one of two wonderful locations. Berlin, the capital city of Bad Honnef, is a quaint countryside town.

How To Apply:

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