University Of South Denmark Danish Government Scholarship 2022

The South Denmark Danish Government Scholarship to international students gives benefits for their future studies at this University.

The South Denmark Danish Government Scholarship started its first semester in September 1966 and has been busy moving forward ever since. 

The school now has about five universities with enrolled students totaling more than 27,000. Around 20 percent of the university’s teachers come from outside of Denmark, which makes for a more diverse and interesting learning environment.

South Denmark Danish Government Scholarship

Over the past years, the University of Southern Denmark has shaped the lives and professions of many people. The five years that a student spends in university are the basis for his or her entire academic life.

The South Denmark Danish Government Scholarship has a vast number of study programs and research areas in the fields of social sciences, health sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and engineering. 

The graduates of the University of South Denmark are now beneficial members of almost every profession in the international community. 

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They want to build the capabilities that drive innovative and unique solutions for the benefit of a sustainable world and they will work together to overcome barriers and build a sustainable future.

South Denmark Danish Government Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants should belong to non-EU/EEA countries
  2. Applicants must have a bachelors degree to apply for the master’s program at SDU
  3. Applicant’s communication skills’ level should be very good
  4. Applicants must have good leadership skills
  5. Applicants should be willing to return to their country after completing their studies  at SDU
  6. Applicants should be able to travel to Denmark
  7. Applicant’s academic performance must be excellent

Benefits Of Danish Government Scholarships:

One of the main benefits of a Danish Government Scholarship at South Denmark University is that a selected student will not have to arrange much money for his/her studies.

The host university will provide the student with approx. DKK 3000 (three thousand) per month in grant money. This is a very handsome amount given by the university and it can cover most of a student’s expenses without having to find work during their studies.

Students don’t need to arrange much money for living expenses because this sum can cover all these costs, again, as long as they do not wish to live too extravagantly!

Danish Government Scholarships Detail:

Country: Denmark

Type: Funded

Eligibility: International Students

Supported By: Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark

Degree Programs: Masters degree program

Host University: University of Southern Denmark


There are different deadlines working for different study sessions. For enrolling in September 2022 intake, the deadline is 1st February 2022. You can apply at SDU according to your own choice.

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