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The top 5 scholarships in Greece are available for everyone, no matter where you belong.

Greece is offering ways for students to accomplish their goals and make something out of themselves. 

If you’re passionate about your future career as an undergraduate, master’s candidate, or Ph.D. scholar, you may be eligible for scholarships and grants in New Year’s. 

Top 5 Scholarships in Greece

It can be overwhelming with all of the possibilities on how to get started with a Ph.D., but New Year’s Eve is here to help you achieve your goals!

Scholarships are available for anyone with a desire to attend school in Greece. Awareness of scholarship opportunities is rising as the number of unemployment decreases and more young people is struggling to make ends meet. 

Taking advantage of your chances now can mean dramatic changes for the future!

Greece is a fantastic travel destination. By exploring the ancient harbor squares and majestic monuments, you can embrace your passion for antiquity under some of the best conditions possible! 

The nature that envelopes the country also has many twists and turns to offer. Greenery can soothe even the most intense sense of distress or intellectual tension.

Also, by staying in this environment where history lives as an omnipresent entity, you can further your professional career as per international market trends and requirements.

Get top-quality education accompanied by advanced skills at one of Greece’s top universities.

 We understand that things like these are important for leading a successful career and life as a whole, so it’s vital to take your time to carefully consider what kind​ of higher education you would like to pursue.

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 At the same time, help us improve your CV by choosing an option from the best universities in Europe: the golden palaces that Greece has to offer!

The top 5 scholarships in Greece that apply to multiple areas with a focus on the best Greek universities are as follows.

Top 5 Scholarships in Greece for International Students:

1) Fulbright Scholarship for Turkish and Bulgarian Citizens

Turkish and Bulgarian students should wake up now because the alarm has been rung on their clocks. This scholarship offer is available to two students a year – one from Turkey, and the other from Bulgaria. The scholarship opportunity is available for master’s and doctoral study levels.

For more information, visit Fulbright Scholarship for Turkish and Bulgarian Citizens

2) The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Scholarships

If you’d like to study ancient Greece, its archaeology, literature, and history while getting a quality education at the same time, consider attending one of the many creditable schools in Athens.

Scholarship funds can help you pay for your living expenses so that you spend less time worrying about what items to cut from your personal budget.

For more details, visit The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Scholarships

3) Fulbright Scholarship Program for Greece

In the ever-changing, transitional global environment, Greece has introduced a flagship educational and cultural program of the United States. This highly regarded program has a partnership with more than 160 countries around the world.

If you are enthusiastic about pursuing your career goals and encouraging them to flourish further, look no further because this is your ticket for an opportunity to achieve what you want in life! Don’t pass up on this chance.

For more information, visit Fulbright Scholarship Program for Greece

4) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Scholarships

If you’re currently a non-Greek national who is looking to complete their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and have just completed your last term, then this offer is for you!

For more details, visit Aristotle University Scholarships

5) Fulbright Scholarship to Study in Greece for USA Nationals

The Fulbright Program is designed to provide U.S. citizens with opportunities to examine issues abroad and help resolve disputes through diplomacy and exchange.

The program offers grants in a wide range of areas, including business, health, education and international relations.

For more information, visit Fulbright Scholarship to study in Greece for USA nationals