University Of St. Andrews Scotland Scholarship 2022

The University of St. Andrews is now offering a scholarship for students who are interested in studying there in 2022! There will be three different scholarship packages awarded to complete the recipient’s higher degree at University Of St. Andrews Scotland Scholarship.

The city of St. Andrews in Scotland has a lot of history, and one of its most important institutions is the University.

It was founded seven centuries ago and has thrived ever since leading students through many modern advancements and teachings.

University Of St. Andrews Scotland Scholarship

The University of St. Andrews was established in the early 1500s as a Liberal Arts college and has since evolved into one of Scotland’s biggest hubs for academic research and learning, boasting an alumni network that is said to be one of the most widely-distributed networks worldwide.

Available Fields Of Study University Of St. Andrews Scotland Scholarship:

The following fields of study are currently available at the University of St. Andrews for the session of 2022.

  1. Arabic
  2. Archaeology
  3. Biology
  4. Art history
  5. Classical studies
  6. Ancient history
  7. Chemistry
  8. Chinese studies
  9. Comparative literature
  10. Classics, Greek and Latin
  11. Divinity
  12. Computer science
  13. Creative writing
  14. Economics and finance
  15. Earth and environmental sciences
  16. French
  17. English
  18. Film studies
  19. History
  20. Geography
  21. German
  22. Management
  23. Interdisciplinary studies
  24. Italian
  25. Medieval studies
  26. Marine biology
  27. Mathematics
  28. Neuroscience
  29. Middle East studies
  30. Music
  31. Philosophy
  32. Persian
  33. Russian
  34. Physics and astronomy
  35. Psychology
  36. Statistics
  37. Social anthropology
  38. Spanish
  39. Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)
  40. Sustainable development

St. Andrews University, like every year, is offering scholarship opportunities for international students that will be awarded to those who meet the academic and student merit requirements.

These scholarships are specifically designed by the university itself to cover overseas students studying undergraduate/bachelor’s degree programs in the hopes of bringing even more diversity to this elite institution!

International Excellence Scholarship

​This is one of the main scholarships offered by this University to international students with overseas fee status. Applicants should maintain a good average in their academic careers (GPA).

Benefits of International Excellence Scholarship:

This is an annual scholarship. £25,000 will be given as the scholarship reward to cover tuition fees and other main living costs. Only one applicant will be selected for this reward. This scholarship will be given annually for the undergraduate degree program.

Detail Of The University Of St. Andrews Scotland Scholarship:

Country: Scotland

Host University: University of St. Andrews

Eligibility: Worldwide students

Degree: Bachelors

Categories: Undergraduate scholarships / Bachelors scholarships

Supported By: Univerity Itself

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicant’s domicile should be in the category of overseas
  2. Applicants should apply for an undergraduate degree program in the 2022 session
  3. Applicants can apply in any field of study except international relations and medicine
  4. Applicants should enter in their first year of the bachelor’s degree program
  5. Applicants should have very good grades in their academic cycle
  6. Applicants should provide a statement of motivation that has a length of a maximum of 250 words
  7. Selected recipients will also be required to engage themselves in University’s Student Ambassadors Scheme
  8. Applicants will be required to give a reference letter
  9. Applicants should give accurate and complete information

How to Apply for International Excellence Scholarship at the University of St. Andrews?

First of all, applicants should apply for their desired course at the University of St. Andrews for the study session of 2022-2023. After applying, then applicants can apply for scholarships at the My Application portal. The result of the scholarship application will be disclosed in mid-March 2022.


The last date to apply for the International Excellence Scholarship at the University of St. Andrews is 1 February 2022

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